Becoming the Divine Parent – Foundations Level I

When the children’s needs are tended to, then the world will change.

During this “live” foundational level course, your journey to Becoming the Divine Parent will be expedited!

As we focus on the needs most of us may not be consciously aware of, we will discover how major shifts can gently and gracefully take place.

In this safe and co-creative environment, we will uncover:

  • how to identify a true need
  • what a foundational need is, versus a secondary or tertiary need
  • if a need is still a need if it is overmet
  • how to source the best ways to meet needs
  • what happens to our inner and outer worlds when we meet our own needs
  • what happens when we are a contributor to meeting others’ needs
  • what happens when we meet the needs of the planet

What if, when we meet our own needs, the world changes?  What if, when we meet the needs of others, the world changes?  And, what if, when we meet the needs of the planet, everyone and everything benefits?  Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that movement?

Spend some quality time immersed with like-minded people in these three self-realization and service concepts – Divine Parenting the Self, Divine Parenting Others and Divine Parenting the Planet.

Hope to see you there!


FREQUENCY:  Every Wednesday, once per week, for 12 weeks


COST:  $597

REGISTER:  Click HERE to register